Early work and looking back...

Looking back at old work sometimes sparks feelings of bittersweetness. It jogs the memory of a time past, good or bad, its a place we can only re-visit in our mind. This is one of the very first paintings that I created. I used a photograph I liked, taken with my very first digital camera. I'd caught a small wave breaking on the shore in a luckily timed composition that I found pleasing. I was very happy with how the photograph and the painting turned out. So much so that I decided to enroll in a casual art class.

This was when I was living on Maui, HI. When there was no surf to be had, I certainly had free time on my days off to be creative. Growing up in the city, I found the island life to be slow. I liked the chill vibe, but also found myself somewhat bored at times. A new hobby was just what the doctor ordered! And so I became an aspiring artist.

I was already taking photos for a hobby, and so though it would be good to use my own images to work from. Early paintings I created as gifts for my family. All original version of these images are owned by family members. I have prints of "Shore Break" on my site available in many sizes and mediums. CLICK HERE TO BUY PRINTS OF "SHORE BREAK"

I often find it interesting that people are quick to compliment me on my old pieces, that I now look back on as a bit too simple! But they are often liked much more than my newer works that I have achieved through years of experimenting and evolving!!! Personally I think my more contemporary work has more to say. Is more technical. Has more depth. But I have to be honest, I do still have a soft spot for my first ones. Well, some of them; I won't share them all!

Hope you are having a good year so far, I'll be getting back to you again soon....

Simon C.