Finding a groove


After dabbling with a few straight-forward paintings I decided to experiment a little by challenging myself to replicate something I thought would be more difficult to execute. I really surprised myself! In the execution and also with how pleased I was with how these three paintings turned out. There is a kind of buzz that artists get when they create something they are proud of.
"Wolf in Rain", "Zebra" and "Polar Bear vs Walrus" were inspired by being in Alaska for a Summer job, and from watching the BBC series Planet Earth - which I absolutely love.  
I saw a wild wolf when I was in AK for a summer job. Very fond memories of that state, and the amazing time I spent there.
Once I became proud of my own work I knew it would be a part of my life that I would always to aim to be productive in. Its something that make me really happy to do. Painting is very freeing. It enables you to (attempt!) to show your imagination by using your hand to dance a little brush around a canvas, head to toe, back and forth. To convey something that can' be seen in the real world.
I flipped between being a photographer and a painter lots over the years, but these days I'm concentrating more on the painting side of my creativity. But soon I'll post a few blogs on my photos, and the many stories that come with my travels! 


Spring is in the air folks! Summer is just around the corner! I'll get back to you again real soon....

Simon C.