Hanging with the Fam!


Firstly, sorry! Sorry I missed my blog last month. It was a busy May for me, with birthdays and family visits. Lots of fun was had though! I moved from England to Washington state in 2003. My family are all still there, so the opportunities are very few and far between that I get to see them. But we do strive to see each other at least every year, sometimes in places other than the UK and USA. I'll be posting images from prior trips in future blogs as I always have had my camera in tow and manage to capture some special moments in amazing places far and away. 

This trip I got to play with my new toy, the RYLO 360 camera. It has some limitations but gets some really fun results. I'm still in the learning stages but I'll be posting more across my social media accounts, if you haven't already noticed.  We road tripped around the NW and checked out some places I had never been to such as Squamish in British Columbia and the amazing La Push and Hoh rainforest on the Olympic peninsula. More shots to follow....

<<To view more photographs click here>>

Its always a magical time spent with my close family, and its never easy saying goodbye for now. 

Much easier saying it here to you. Have a great start to Summer and goodbye for now.

Simon C.