New Year, New start.

This is the first painting I ever sold. For $100! I was stoked. A friend of mine bought it - but it was still a sale! I was so unprepared for sales back then, that I regret to say, only small prints are available due to the only file I have of the image being such low resolution. We live and learn.  

There are firsts for everything, each new moment brings new possibilities in an unknown reality of potential changes that may take your life off onto a different beat. It is a new year, a new start, a clean slate, or maybe its just another day. It's however you want to look at it.

This is a first for me. My first Newsletter/Blog/Post. So I'm going to keep it simple and short, with the intention of moving forward the next time...
I hope this is a good year for everyone, and that we can all take steps in the direction that is right for us. Its a long road and baby steps are usually all we can take in order to be successful. So I'll start basic and promise to improve on my next shout out. 

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Thanks for reading and I'll be back at you real soon,

Simon C.