Originals Under $299!! And ART Battle Seattle

This month I'm launching my new affordable originals gallery. ORIGINALS UNDER $299!!! They will also include free shipping. So what prompted this affordable originals folder when your other originals are more expensive you may ask?! Well this month of April just past, I took part in the Seattle ART BATTLE! It was a super fun event, put on by great people. It was great to meet the other artists too who I was battling against.
The concept was this: You get a blank canvas, a palette of paint, and 20 mins to create something right out of your head. I didn't bring home the prize, but the competition was high. Of course I did a couple of practice runs, and was humbled by how difficult it actually was. But I did find that I can create things quickly - when I put my mind to it. Most of what is in the affordable folder wasn't done in only 20 mins, but things I may have completed quickly, or am happy to deem complete but not warranting a high price tag. To view my new affordable originals click here>>>>>

I'm trying to make it possible to own a piece of original art work, by yours truly, that I also sincerely hope will be an investment for you and will gain in value, in whichever way you choose to value it, financial or enriching in other ways. Either way I want you to be able to choose something that can be in your price range.

Mothers Day is fast approaching, look after the ones you love. Happy springtime to the May Queens! 

Simon C.