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I think I was 10 or 11 when my parents handed me down a point and shoot film camera. It was the click and wind kind.  It had a thin plastic winder on the top that gripped your skin as you wound it on with your thumb. I took it away with me on holiday to Penzance in Cornwall; South West tip of England. I went with a friend of mine named Jamie. He was a bigger kid than me and much more daring and mischievous, so I knew we would have fun and get into trouble a bit. I knew I only had a limited amount of shots on the film and so was very frugal with my photos. I had no idea how to shoot in low light or knew of the limitations of the flash.
I wasted a fair few pics, but the evidence was there; if I could have pushed the film a little there was promise of some good shots! 
My parents were quite impressed when the photos came back in the mail.  I liked a fair few of them, and even as a youngster, thought fondly of the low light shots as I knew what was intended, even if it wasn't apparent in the finished copy. Half of the film was wasted, just lame, or so grainy and abstract only I knew what it was. But some of them turned out nicely.  I took a lovely portrait of Jamie's sweet grandma sitting by the stream.  And took a simple shot of the stream with a mossy rock dividing it.  I remember the composition was pretty bang on, and my parents were encouraging by saying how much they liked the photo. 

Naga Baba: Kumbh Mela Allahabad 2013 (largest gathering of people on earth)

Traveling gave me numerous opportunity's for capturing moments.  Many adventures were had, and my camera was always close by.  At certain times its good to leave it behind though, and enjoy the moment without having to record it. 
Young boys fishing with perhaps their father. Flores, Indonesia.

I like the feeling of calm in this, the tiny waves were almost silent as they broke. The net leads back, towards the silhouette of the boat and volcanic formed islands behind.
Mule and mountains. Annapurna range from Poon hill trek in Nepal.
Walk in the park. Seattle
Dragon temple, Phuket.
Wynnwood Walls, Florida.
Haridwar Puja, India.
Since gaining encouragement and earning the ability to get more film from my folks I started taking my camera to places, outings, holidays. I took a community college course in the states but pretty much learned to shoot by myself.  Traveling and Photography went in hand in hand. I always took my camera on trips, and enjoyed the creative activity I could do while on the road living out of a backpack. 
I'm always on the look out for shots when I'm home and not away too, although my iphone usually replaces my dslr.
Thanks for reading and I'll get back at you real soon...
Simon C
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